Our training courses

We were founded in 1989 in Germany.  In 2011, we launched the Injection Moulding Driver Licence®courses, and received overwhelming good reviews in Europe. In 2014, we expand our presence to Asia.

Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is divided into 5 stages, and cover topics like material, injection moulding machine, moulds, auxiliary equipment including automation and process knowledge. From beginner to advanced levels, the courses progressively improve students' injection moulding knowledge and raise their ability to diagnose and solve problems.

We award certificate only after a student has passed the final examination, and not on the basis of attendance. The examination involves practical exercises that the students perform at their work place using machine and mould that they are familiar with.

Students who pass the Injection Moulding Driver Licence®; examination will possess knowledge equivalent to their German counterparts.