Course 1: Injection Moulding Technology Basic


Parts designer, mould designer, mould maker, machine operators, plastic moulder, quality assurance personnel, production planner, shift supervisor, purchasing and sales personnel






foundation knowledge of plastic materials • discuss 8 different standard thermoplastics to understand their application, working and processing temperature • function sequence of moulding machine working cycle • types of moulding machines and clamping system • open and close loop machines • types of injection unit for different type of plastics • understand the difference between system, specific and cavity pressure • standard 3 zone screw • introduction to barrier and mixing screw • acceptable screw range of use • types of barrel • working principle of non return valve and their wear and tear • types of nozzle • nozzle to mould fitting • basic clamping force estimation • melting process and back pressure • how to get a good source flow • introduction to pvT diagram (amorphous) • relation between material type (amorphous and semi crystalline) and moulding process • setting of injection speed • 100% volumetric filling • switch over point • holding pressure and holding time • cooling time of various material based on wall thickness • basic introduction to smart maintenance • types of material drying techniques and drying necessary • introduction to types of mixing methods for colour • importance of effective mould tempering • parallel and serial water connection • how to maximise water flow and minimise pressure loss in the mould • types of temperature control units • how lime scale affect cooling • hot spot • types of moulds • how to design a cold runner • construction of a single component mould • three-plate mould • gate balance • venting • demoulding • types of gates • hot runner mould • mould maintenance • insert and outsert moulding

Moulding Defects

Discuss at least 8 different types of moulding defects. Students will be taught on how to identify the faults and remedies to solve these moulding defects


20 questions of theory written examination. Practical examination to be performed at student’s own factory.
Practical examination: Filling row for analysis



Participants will gain knowledge on plastic material, processing data, mould tempering, material drying and mixing, injection moulding technology, filling row analysis, moulding machine and mould technology, injection moulding faults and insert moulding.



2 days


Course Fee


S$1,187.70 GST inclusive per participant


Training Locations

Germany  Austria  Switzerland Estonia  Latvia  Lithuania  Russia 
China Taiwan Malaysia Philippines Vietnam Indonesia Singapore






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