Intensive Course: Fundamentals of Injection Moulding 2 (sgt 2) Advanced

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injection-molding-course basis instruction or good precognition in terms of injectionmolding



repetition composition, structure, application and converting of thermoplasts •high technological thermoplasts • thermoplastic elastomer, kind of TPE, high temperature resistant plastics • inking of plastics • high-power-plasticating-units • conservation of energy during injection molding • what are you getting out of a cavity pressure measurement • measurement of cycle time and improvement of cycle time • form-breathing • when is the embossing-process reasonable • calculation of closing force for quotation and production • quotation of injection part • how is the price of the plastic part composed • quality management • what is important and what can be measured automatically by the machine • how does a stack mold and a tandem mold work • what is GID and WID – pros and cons • what kind of multicomponent technique tools do exist • how do cube tools and dual cube tools work






Impart knowledge for the participants relating to injection molding overall processes and injection molding additional processes





2 days


Participation fee


€ 640.00 per participant


Training Locations

Germany   Austria   Estonia   Latvia   Lithuania   Russia   Singapore




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