Course 3: Injection Moulding Technology Advance


Parts designer, mould designer, mould maker, machine operators, plastic moulder, quality assurance personnel, production planner, shift supervisor, purchasing and sales personnel




Course 2 Injection Moulding Technology intermediate



Thermoset and thermoplastic elastomers • acceptance of injection moulding machines • capability of modern machine controller • energy saving in injection moulding production • mould tempering • down stream automation • testing and auditing • determine the optimum cooling time • cycle time measurement • starting a new mould • mould acceptance • stack mould • multicomponent moulds • micro injection





Participants will improve their knowledge about thermoplastic resins, injection technology, process monitoring, mould technology and moulding faults




2 days


Course Fee


USD 880 per participant excluding local taxes


Training Locations

Germany  Austria  Switzerland Estonia  Latvia  Lithuania  Russia 
China Taiwan Singapore Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia Philippines




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