Injection moulding driver licence®

What means Injection Moulding Driver Licence® ?

The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is a new and unique product in training for injection moulding.


The advantage and so the big difference to other training offers in injection moulding is as follows:


The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is a certificate, similar to a drivers licence.


The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is not a certificate for attendance in all the courses, as often handed after comparable training programs. Every student has to prove that he understands, what was taught, and that he is able to transpose the knowledge into practice.


The authorization is only obtained after the training participant has passed the final exam. Everybody who has managed the test can really injection moulding. He has acquired the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of the thermoplastic injection moulding. The test for this is not easy.
The training participant should be able to answer about 400 exam questions from all areas of injection moulding such as plastic material, tool and machine. Parts of the examination are practical exercises that must be performed at the factory before. The results have to be explained and discussed by the students in the examination.  In addition, the training participant must answer more questions orally.


The training Injection Moulding driver Licence®  takes place:


 In German language at 13 German cities

 In Russian language regularly at Riga, Latvia

 In English language by appointment anytime, anywhere


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The training follows proven learning and training sequences set by specialists.


The gain in knowledge practicable for the participants and so for the business is enormous.